B is for Freedom

26 Mar


From the two regular guys that brought you CRC and Almanzo:BikePoster

The letter B stands for a lot of things. Bees, books, beers, band-aids and certainly not least Bicycles. To us the bicycle is a tool, a tool built for connecting people to themselves and to one another.The bicycle is a gateway to freedom. We felt it the first time we took off on two wheels and continue to feel it today.

A few years ago, a group interested in building the Arts Community started a campaign asking folks to put a simple letter A in their home’s window. The idea was to announce your support of the Arts to those that lived around you. Our idea is not that much different. What we are hoping for is that you click this link, download the simple B (one for you and one for a friend) and place it in a street-side window of your home or place of business. Our expectation is that once this little idea makes its way around the country, we’ll hopefully grow the idea of riding a bike.

Whether it’s for fitness or fun or competition or travel, we know you ride bikes like we do. Please help us grow the idea of riding a bicycle and let’s get some more folks on two wheels!

p.s. As you put these mini posters up, snap a picture (keep your house number out of it if you like) and send it to us at anotherhandup at gmail dot com. When we receive your image, we’ll put it up on this site and start sharing the love! Oh, and one more thing, we’re working on some stickers.

Best Always,

Chris & Hurl (AKA Almanzo & CRC)


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